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Hi, I'm TD, or Liz or whatever. I like TF2 and Zelda and Muse and PMMM and Star Trek and Homestuck and Prototype and TES and Assassins Creed and fashion and knives and swords and art and dogs and cats and getting really mad about things, some of which are important.

Also Spy is my alternate-60's husband (and also my main class but who cares about that)

This blog is like 99% SFW; when it's not I tag it.


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Posted on 17th 8月 at 12:10 PM, with 18 リアクション

oblivion comics cleverly disguised as modern and topical skyrim comics

like literally every other time i went into a gate i realized i had just levelled and went through the whole damn thing with that little icon just staring at me from the corner of my screen and ended up not sleeping for days because i couldn’t find a goddamn bed

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